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mia's Journey

This raffle is to support emergency veterinary surgery 

 This is Mya. Mya is 6 months old. Mya got loose and ran into a moving truck. Her pelvis is broken in four locations. She needs surgery. She can’t use the bathroom or walk. We are unable to pay for the entire surgery, only parts of it. If we are unable to come up with the funds for the surgery she will have to be euthanized, all help is very appreciated. Thank you.

-All tickets purchased through the go fund me will go towards supporting Mya's recovery.

1 ticket = $20

10 tickets = $150

-Click the join us button to enter the drawing

-Follow our facebook page as that's where the drawing will take place (date to be determined, unforeseen circumstances have caused us to push it back)

-Once drawing is complete you must contact us within 3 days if you have won.

Mya was fitted with a temporary chair to help me help her potty. The swelling even with meds is making it difficult for her to pee. This chair is such a blessing, donated by SPOT, ( saving pets one at a time) she has a second blue chair for when she gets a little taller. This girl is a survivor. She will need her pelvis/hip surgery to become a regular puppy again but the vet wants to wait 3 weeks to allow her body sometime to heal on its own.  
Please if you can donate anything it is appreciated if you can donate $20 then you will be entered into the raffle for winning a male or female Caucasian puppy from Ivan and Xena. 
Let’s save Mya, it will be a long road. So much has happen in the past week it seems unreal I have lost track of days. Mya is requiring round the clock care to keep her pain free, flexible and potties. Plus keeping her mind active when she is not asleep.
All donations appreciated. Thank you 

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